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Rising artist Lauren Eylise on defining womanhood for herself

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As long as you have yourself, maybe a guitar and a badass singing voice to Lauren Porter - professionally known as Lauren Eylise - thinks like a Queen and is a Queen all by her damn self. The 25-year-old from Cincinnati, Ohio is the definition of Queendom. Lauren has been singing since the age of  2 and music is something that has always been innate.

“I picked up the guitar the Summer of 2009 during a summer job at an amusement park where I worked as a live show entertainer," Lauren explains. "A good friend of  mine taught me three chords and I quickly became obsessed. I went on to teach myself everything I know now. I also play piano, which I began teaching myself at age 13. Though I’m not classically trained, songwriting has given birth to a very natural and intimate relationship with music composition that I think lends me my own unique sound”.

Lauren credits her rich and natural vocal ability to her Ohio upbringing, where she had many positive memories. She received a lot of support from her parents but she is self taught vocally.

“When I was younger, my parents couldn’t afford to get me vocal lessons. So I would play my favorite CD’s from beginning to end over and over," she says. "I’d sing the lead, then I’d go back over the ENTIRE CD singing the harmony parts, and again to sing the adlibs. I treasure those memories and that music”.

The self taught songstress has performed in numerous venues and opened for many artists. Lauren Eylise has opened for Kris Allen, Def Jam’s Rudy Currence, Red Wanting Blue, Gabrahm Vitek, Chip Tha Ripper, Def Poetry’s Dana Gilmore, Poetri and many more.
Last October she went on her own tour and is currently performing monthly showcases, at weddings and other venues. In her latest video and song release “Loud Afternoon”, Lauren gives a new definition to female autonomy and the independent black womyn.

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The singer elaborates, "The woman in the video is a symbol of many things, as are the many elements that surround her in the video. She is the innate female intuition bringing awareness unto her self and the environment she has created. In her healthiest state, she is whole and balanced. What more could she want? She has all she needs within. She need only become aware of it. Her autonomy goes far beyond that of a physical sense. She is the woman who says, “I am” and needn’t offer any further explanation. I think the woman in the video lives in us all. But I think each of us has our own work to do, our own self-care to tend to in order to see to it that she is healthy and whole. For it’s only then that she can stretch her limbs and bring forth all of the life and power into our lives, spiritually and physically”.

Lauren Eylise is a storm that is breaking down every idea we had about the independent music industry. Her earthy, wholesome voice accompanied by addictive poems of lyrics is chicken soup to any black womyn’s soul.

You can check out her latest video “Loud Afternoon”


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