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Catching up with… Alka Makwana

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When we last caught up with Alka, she was a making big moves in Fashion and TV in London, but fast forward 2 years and the now, 27-year old has headed to the sunshine state of Los Angeles to progress her career.

We caught up with the fashionista herself to get an update on her LA move and mingling with stars.

Alka, how has the transition from London to LA been?

It was a crazy whirlwind. Packing up all my belongings and heading to a country where I didn’t know what could happen was quite nerve racking. But nearly two years on, I feel completely settled and absolutely love LA.

What are you doing in LA at the moment?
I’m working in Fashion in Beverly Hills. I would have never thought that I’d ever say that but hey I guess if you work hard, it can happen. I am also a freelance Host working with a few TV companies, and I’m soon to add another title to all the things that I’m doing, (but that’s to be revealed in a few months and I can’t wait to share!).

What is the style like in LA?
It is SO casual! jeans and a tee is normal work attire for me now. When I first went to work I was dressed in a blouse and pencil skirt, but then I saw everyone in jeans and a tee, so the next day I dressed down in a pair of jeans. I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my life,

How is the LA Style different from London?
Everyone here is very laid back, jeans and yoga pants are everywhere and denim is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Living in London we love to dress up and get glam, but here, its just not like that although it is LA- land of the celebrities. I would never wear jeans on a night out, but here you can totally do that and its fine. Oh yeah, another thing about LA, the majority of people wear black at night! Its just so effortless and seen as a cool colour.

What are your favourite spots to go shopping and eat?
To shop- I love Melrose Ave and Robertson- there are super cute boutiques as well as the higher end stores. Of course you have Rodeo Drive too where all the designer stores are ! I also love The Grove, my faves there are Topshop and Zara!

To eat, my favorite places to go are Katana, Taste On Melrose and Nobu. I was never a really big fan of sushi before, but living in LA everything is so fresh and now I’m can’t get enough of it!

Living in LA, there must be celebrities everywhere. How do you not get starstruck?
I’ve worked in the industry for about 12 years now, so the celebrity thing for me isn’t a big deal anymore. Celebrities pop up everywhere, walking their dog, grocery shopping and just doing normal things, so it's kind of like everyday life and you get used to it.

So what is next for you? Would you like to move anywhere else?
I think making the move from London to LA was a challenge in itself, so I’m not looking to move anywhere really. But you never know.

I have a lot of exciting things coming up! I can’t say much but its got something to do with fashion of course. You guys just have to keep your eyes peeled on my social media to find out!


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