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The Founder


Renee Davis is a 27-year-old journalist with a passion to see young people thrive and exercise their God-given gifts and talents. Through interviewing and featuring young talent, she has hopes that readers of all ages will be inspired to pursue the dream that they have long left on the shelf.

The beginning

In August 2011, the city of London – and other surrounding cities – became a war zone. Young people raided the streets and caused endless damage to shops, homes, cars and people. Lives were taken and livelihoods shattered. A then 22-year-old Renee watched in horror and disbelief at a cry for justice gone wrong. Her heart ached for the young people, who she knew, deep down, somewhere, had endless talent and creativity to be used in different ways. But their perceptions of themselves, along with society’s view of them, held them back. She wondered, what could be done? It was then God placed it on her heart to document young people’s achievements and give them a platform to talk about and share all the good things that young people across the country are doing. But little did Renee know that this was to come out of her personal blog.

Out The Box

Feeling frustrated and “boxed” in by university lecturers to write to a certain “style” Renee started her own blog called Out The Box. Here, she aimed to perfect her own writing style by talking about whatever came to mind. Fast forward to 2012, Renee began to meet people like herself; young creatives with a passion and drive to pursue their goals and visions against odds and setbacks. That realisation combined with what was placed on her heart in 2011, collided to become what is now Out The Box. The perfect space for young creatives and entrepreneurs. A hub where there are no “rules”, just talent, creativity and everything in between!

Be Inspired x